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Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner 400ml

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Vitapet Dog Moult Coat Conditioner 400ml

Vitapet Dog Moult Formula Coat Conditioner 400ml

Helps reduce excessive moulting and promote a healthy glossy coat - ideal for any cat or dog, in particular long haired breeds.

Moulting is a natural process and most cats and dogs will moult once or twice a year. However, excessive moulting can be a problem and can cause an embarrassment in coping with unsightly hairs around the house. Allergies, central heating and early warm weather can all have an effect on a cat's or dog's natural moulting cycle.

Vitapet Moult Formula Coat Conditioner is a unique blend of natural oils rich in Omega-6 fatty acids. Research indicates that supplementing the diet with the Omega-6 nutrients will help to reduce excessive moulting by replenishing the natural oil levels in the body.

Omega-6 nutrients will help keep the coat in all round excellent condition by helping to protect it from the outside elements. 

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.