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Tetra Koi Sticks 140g

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Tetra Koi Sticks 140g

140g Tetra Koi Sticks This koi food will provide for the slightly different nutritional needs that Koi Carp have over other pond fish. Feeding Koi regularly with this fish food will give your Koi the benefit from extra colour enhancers in order to achieve their full potential. Tetrapond Koi Sticks have been specially formulated for their needs, and provide them with a complete, highly digestible diet, leading to maximum health, condition and colour. This pond fish food is rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration and contains all essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet. These koi sticks soften quickly for easy eating and are formulated to give low waste levels for clearer, healthier water.