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Tetra AquaSafe 250ml

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Tetra AquaSafe 250ml

Tetra AquaSafe 250ml

Tetra AquaSafe protects fish and plants reliably against harmful substances in tap water and adds important vital components. For safety, and healthy life in your aquarium. 

How Tatra AquaSafe works: Immediately neutralises dangerous chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead found in tap water. Protects gills and mucous membrane with care colloids. Reduces stress and supports long term health with a special vitamin mix. Promotes vitality, as well as growth and well-being, with added iodine and magnesium. Creates clear water by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Dissolves fast, works in seconds with a long lasting effect.

The Tatra AquaSafe formula ideally matches the care needs for skin and fins of your fish.

Dosage: Shake well before use. Add 5ml Tatra AquaSafe for every 10L newly added tap water directly to the aquarium. Use the dosing cap for measuring.

For all freshwater and marine aquariums