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Whether you enjoy watching hedgehogs in your garden, and so encourage them with food; or you run a hedgehog rescue centre to keep them safe, especially in the cold winter months; Marks Tey Discount Pet Foods has plenty of high-quality foods.

Spike's Hedgehog Food is a naturally nutritious range for these special garden visitors, providing all the vitamins and minerals they need to keep them in optimum health.

A delicious, crunchy, dried food, made from poultry meal, wheat, rice, whole maize, chicken fat, linseed, brewer's yeast and minerals; a 20g serving of Spike's Dinner Hedgehog Food is just the thing to keep an adult hedgehog in peak condition.

Spike's Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food is a tasty, chicken-based food for hedgehogs of all ages. Serve it on its own or mix it with Spike's dried hedgehog food.

Use dried mealworms and sunflower hearts to supplement their regular meals and they will surely keep coming back to your garden, night after night!