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Purina ONE Kitten/Junior Chicken 3kg

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Purina ONE Kitten/Junior Chicken 3kg

3kg Purina One Kitten/Junior Chicken

- Healthy development of vital functions supported by nutrient profile adapted to the growth phase
- Healthy development of muscle mass and skeleton thanks to high level of proteins and balanced minerals
- High digestibility thanks to high quality ingredients
- Oral care for gums and teeth supported by essential nutrients and crunchy morsels
- Contains DHA, a functional nutrient also found in mothers milk, proven to stimulate kittens brain and vision development

  • Kittens are in a phase of intense growth and development. Their nutritional requirements are extremely demanding for this high growth rate. Purina ONE Junior is specifically designed to answer the nutritional needs of kittens (from weaning to 12 months) and pregnant or lactating cats.

    Purina ONE dry kitten food helps to meet kittens’ needs thanks to Bifensis. Our specially formulated dry kitten food contains a combination of essential nutrients to help support your kitten support throughout their early life. Our complete kitten food with Bifesis includes DHA, a functional nutrient found in mother's milk and which helps stimulate brain and vision development. Our dry kitten food also includes a high level of proteins and balanced minerals to help with the development of muscle mass and skeleton. Our complete dry kitten food is highly digestible thanks to high quality ingredients.

    Help keep your kitten supported in her early years with Purina ONE dry kitten food. Our delicious food is made with chicken and whole grains, with the crunchy morsels helping support oral care for gums and teeth. Not only can you be confident that you’re providing your kitten with delicious food, but you’ll be providing them with the essential care they need to develop into a healthy adult cat. Taking care of your cat’s nutrition from early kittenhood will help her stay healthy today and tomorrow.