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Proplan Cat House Cat 3kg

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Proplan Cat House Cat 3kg

3kg Pro Plan Cat House Cat PRO PLAN Housecat- OPTIMISED NUTRITION FOR ADULT CATS LIVING INDOORS Your adult cat is now strong, developed and in the prime of her life. She needs a food that will help optimise the function of her urinary system, one of her key protective systems. Some cats, especially as they age, may experience problems with their kidney function, which can, among other things, lead to the build up of waste products and other toxins to dangerous levels. PRO PLAN OPTIRENAL *Healthy Kidneys are key to a cat's long-term health and well-being. New Pro Plan with OPTIRENAL developed by vets and nutritionists, helps support kidney function. Controlled pH formula to maintain urinary health. Formulated with OPTIRENAL a specific blend of nutrients that helps protect cat's kidney function. * High quality Chicken as the No.1 ingredient for optimal palatability * Formulated with a natural source of prebiotics (chicory root), proven to significantly reduce litter box odour by 20% * Features oat fibre and cellulose to provide a high fibre formula (over 5% fibre) to help control hairball formulation and safely and gebtly move hair through the digestive tract * Essential nutrients prevent excessive loss of hair during shedding and maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat * Proven to reduce tartar build up by 40%