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At prices to suit every budget, we supply a wide range of high-quality feeds suitable for poultry of all ages, starting with chick crumbs - a complete chick food that can be fed from hatching up to eight weeks of age.

Dried mealworms are a fantastic source of protein for birds of every variety, producing considerably less waste than live mealworms, and with a longer shelf-life - great all year-round nutrition.

Poultry should always have access to hen flint grit, especially if they are in a run or indoors, as it acts like "teeth" to grind down food. It is suitable for fully-grown poultry. We also stock complementary pet foods, such as Johnson's Poultry Corn 'n' Grit Treat, which is a supplement to the birds' normal diet.

Poultry Layer Pellets with Verm-X offer natural protection against intestinal parasites.

Our wide choice of poultry feed includes mash, mixed corn, oyster shell grit and poultry pellets.