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Here at Marks Tey Discount Pet Foods, we don't just supply products for domestic pets. We also stock branded feeds for farm animals such as sheep, goats, cows, llamas, alpacas and pigs.

Providing easily-digestible energy that also aids the healthy growth of young animals, our Badminton Country Mix is suitable for cattle, goats, sheep and almost any ruminant that requires nutritional support.

Badminton Llama and Alpaca Mix is a high-fibre, coarse mix specially formulated with extra nutrients that can't be provided by forage alone. Additional protein, vitamins and minerals produce a mix suitable for all camelids.

Duffields Sow Pencils have a high level of vitamins and minerals to maximise conception rates, milk quality and sow longevity, while our Badminton High Yield Goat Mix provides an easy-to-digest, coarse mix for goats of all ages and types.

We also stock hygienic cleaning products from The Animal Health Company to remove odours, bacteria and germs, including Odor-Kill - an air freshener spray that eliminates unpleasant smells caused by dogs, cats and small animals, including hamsters and other rodents.

To kill the organisms that cause viruses, bacteria, fungi and ringworm, we also supply Parvo-Virucidem, an animal disinfectant with superb germ-killing power from the same manufacturer.