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When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your horse, comfort and hygiene in the stable are paramount, so as an owner, you're going to choose only the best products.

We stock three types of horse bedding; wood pellets, paper bedding and wood shavings all come with their own set of benefits.

Our own brand, Marks Tey Petfood wood pellet horse bedding, provides an absorbent, high quality and cost-effective bedding material for your stables. Completely biodegradable, it is produced from virgin wood. Moisture is easily absorbed, making your job easier when it comes to mucking out.

The shredded paper alternative is produced from paper that would otherwise be destined for landfill, so it offers an environmentally friendly option. Ideal for horses and ponies, shredded paper bedding is highly absorbent, has very good insulation properties and is easily composted. Buy it in bulk to save money!

Large bales of wood shavings provide many benefits; easy to muck out, they are absorbent, easily stored and easy to dispose of, as they can be burned or left to decompose over time for fertiliser.