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Hills Science Plan Cat Adult Complete - chicken 10kg

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Hills Science Plan Cat Adult Complete - chicken 10kg

10kg Hills Cat Adult Complete Chicken Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Optimal Care Chicken cat food with chicken was developed to cover the nutrient and energy needs of adult cats aged between one and six years. Packed with nutrients, Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult cat food will give your cat everything it needs to stay healthy, happy and strong. ts special antioxidant formula provides extra protection to prevent illnesses. A unique composition of antioxidants supports the immune system Ensures healthy skin and shiny fur Balanced nutrients and excellent taste Contains taurine to support normal cardiac functions and retinal structure An exactly measured amount of phosphorus supports kidney functions Hill's cat food is made using high-quality, easily-digestible ingredients which will give a bowl of Science Plan a much higher nutritional value than a bowl of normal pet food, so the cost of feeding your cat may be lower than you might expect. In addition, the high digestibility of Hill's cat food will reduce your cat's stool volume, so that cat litter will have to be changed less frequently. Hill's Feline Adult Chicken cat food - crunchy and with a savoury taste, this is the perfect cat food to keep your cat fit for a long and healthy life.