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Pond Fish

Looking after pond fish means feeding them a balanced, healthy diet and caring for their other health needs, such as keeping their water clean. Here at Marks Tey Discount Pet Foods, we supply a range of branded products from top manufacturers including Tetra, Pettex and Skretting.

Whatever their dietary requirements, we have the highest quality food for your cold-water fish including pond sticks, wheatgerm sticks, Koi sticks, pond flakes, pond multi-mix, sinking trout pellets, floating natural sticks, variety mix and more.

Cleaning your pond is also important, as keeping the water in tip-top condition goes hand-in-hand with providing your fish with a healthy diet. Debris such as leaves, sticks and other waste can create a breeding ground for algae. This can potentially damage your pond's delicate ecosystem, leading to water stagnation and producing bad algae that may harm your fish.

The Pure Pond Bomb (winner of the Water Gardening Product of the Year) is an intensive, fast-acting pond treatment that helps to remove harmful bacteria to achieve crystal clear, healthy water - ideal for use in all types of ponds including Koi ponds, ornamental ponds and ponds that don't have conventional filtration.