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pedigree.jpgYou can be sure with 40 years experience in pet nutrition that Pedigree will give your dog everything he needs for a happy and healtyh life. Pedigree believe that dogs have four universal needs: skin & coat, immune system, digestion and dental care and all four of these needs can be addressed with Pedigree dry food keeping your dog healty but just as importantly full of vitality. All Pedigree dry dog foods have an active ingredient to help fight tartar and a texture specially designed to clean their teeth. Dogs experience the world with their mouths meaning healthy teeth should be a top priority. Natural Fibres included in Pedigree's recipe aid healthy digestion and high quality protein is easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. Key essential oils will help nourish your dogs skin and coat and the anti oxidant vitamin E as well as added minerals will support your dogs immune system.