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eukanuba.jpgEukanuba say 'Dogs are extraordinary, feed them accordingly' and we couldn't agree more. Eukanuba is a premium quality dog food delivery optimum nutrition for all life stages Eukanuba gives contains high quality ingredients including animal based protein and chicken is always the number 1 ingredient.Their puppy food contains optimal levels of DHA to promote smart puppies that are easy to train. The large breed is lower in fat to maintain the perfect weight and reduce stress on joints and muscles. Like all Eukanuba adult diets it contains 3d dentadefense technology which cleans your dogs teeth with every bite and helps to reduce tartar build up. Eukanuba Mature & Senior is every your older dog needs to continue their long and healthy life with a carbohydrate blend for extended energy release and vitamin E to maintain your dogs natural defenses. It also contains omega 6 and fartty acids to improve the quality of your dogs coat by as much as 80% giving an amazing shine. Why not try Eukanuba dog food today?