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burns-logo.jpgBurns dog food uses just the minimum ingredients needed to give your dog everything they need to stay in top form. Using just simple, natural ingredients Johns Burns, a veterinary surgeon, has created this easy to digest food for dogs of all ages.

When compared to other, lower quality, dog foods Burns is found to be far more easy for dogs to digest. This means that the feeding amount is comparatively lower and can make daily feeding costs just as economical.

Burns is still a family run business based in west wales and many ingredients are produced on their own farm or sourced from local ethical producers where possible.

Burns dog food can be used to ease a number of conditions that dogs can suffer from including:

Itchy Skin
Excess Weight

Upset Digestion
Poo Eating (Coprophagia/ Pica)
Anal Glands
Tear Staining
Fussy Eaters
Behaviour Problems

If you would like advice on which Burns diet might suit your dog please come in and see one of our nutrition trained staff or give us a call on 01206 210 153. We have staff with over 25 years experience in pet nutrition and we will do all we can to ensure your pet gets the right food to keep them healthy and happy.