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Cat Toys & Accessories

Discount Cat Toys and Accessories

Cats and kittens love to play and so they can have the most fun, you should vary the toys you provide. Most cats love catnip - when they sense the natural chemicals that catnip contains; they experience a reaction that makes them feel overwhelmingly happy!

We’ve got food bowls in plastic or steel, in various sizes, plus a placemat to keep your surfaces clean. We also stock a range of cat flaps so they can come and go as they please, including an electromagnetic cat flap with technology that lets your cat in, but keeps the rest of the neighbourhood out! Lockable cat flaps are also available.

Brass ID tubes, that are easy to fit to a collar, will give you more space to write your details on a rolled-up piece of paper inside – so if your cat should wander off or get lost, you home details are easy to access.

We also supply the dreaded cat carrier – which usually means a trip to the vets!