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Cat Litters

Discount Cat Litter and Freshener

Choosing the right cat litter is important, especially if it’s for an indoor pet. A standard cat litter box or a large cat toilet with a roof and swing door will help to contain odours.

Keep your litter box smelling fresh by simply cleaning it more often. You can use a litter tray liner so it's easier to empty and clean. Always keep your cat litter scoop washed and ready to use. When you clean out the litter tray, make sure you use an appropriate disinfectant to eliminate odours, bacteria and germs.

Some cat owners prefer clumping litter because they find it easy to remove both solid and liquid waste. Others prefer non-clumping or wood pellet litter. There's no definitive answer to which is best - it's down to personal choice and finding out which works best for you and your cat.