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Cat Health

Discount Cat Health Products

Our cat and kitten healthcare products will help keep your feline friends fighting fit. Taking care of your cat's basic health needs will include giving them flea and worming treatments - we also sell products to kill any flea eggs in your home!

It's not always easy to get a cat to take worming tablets, so we stock worming cream and spot-on de-wormer too. These can be easier to administer, as once you've squeezed the measured dose of cream on to the cat's mouth, they will usually lick it off voluntarily. The spot-on is applied to the back of the neck.

We also sell joint supplements, natural calming tablets, hairball remedy, ear and eye drops, breath freshener tablets, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

To help keep your home clean and safe, choose from our selection of pet-friendly disinfectants, odour-kill spray, litter tray cleaner and super-strength Parvo-Virucide - a disinfectant/cleaner with excellent germ-killing power.