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Cat Food

Discount Cat Food

Whether your cat likes dry food, tins or pouches (or all three!), we have something to suit even the most discerning feline - available in fish or meat varieties. At prices that are hard to beat, you can choose from leading brands such as Burgess, James Wellbeloved, Gourmet, Felix, Iams, Burns, Purina, Hills and many more.

The correct nutrition can transform a cat’s life. When deciding on the best cat food, you should consider three key factors: your cat's age, nutritional requirements and serving options.

As cats get older, they need age-appropriate food to ensure correct nutrition. There are also other needs to take into account: does your cat need to lose weight, have digestive issues, suffer from hairballs, or have kidney and urinary issues, for example?

Depending on your cat's personal preferences, serving options include small kibble, pâté, jelly, savoury cake and gravy.