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Wild Bird

When it comes to wild bird food we’ve got it covered.

From wild bird seed mixes to peanuts, mealworms to fat balls we have a wide variety of tasty treats sure to keep the birds in your garden not only happy, but healthy too.
Peanuts are a fantastic source of protein for wild birds, they are easy to feed and leave little mess. Loved by all birds they can be fed directly from the table of in one of the many feeders we offer in store. For the best value we offer a 20kg sack and because we have been selling wild bird food for 30 years we have the experience to be able to offer consistent high quality in both size and grade.
Another popular feed is sunflower hearts; these are essentially the same as the black sunflower seeds but with the husks removed. This not only makes it easier for the birds but creates less waste and mess. Sunflower hearts are favoured by small birds including Finches, Tit’s and Robin’s. It is recommended to feed sunflower hearts in a feeder with a protective roof as they can be sensitive to moisture.
Mealworms are becoming more and more popular with birdfeeders across the country. They are arguably one of the best sources of protein for wild birds and will have nearly every species of garden bird flocking to your feeding table. Price has often been a problem when considering feeding mealworms but at Discount Petfood we cater for everyone from our 1ltr mealworms tubs to our super value 12.55kg boxes.
Along with these protein rich feeds it’s advisable to feed a seed mix staple diet. We offer two mixes, our Garden Wild Bird Mix and our Aniseed Bird Mix. They are both superbly priced but the quality increases as you move from the garden to the aniseed mix with the addition of aniseed, a higher concentration of seeds and less wheat.
But those are just a few of the products we offer, please see below for more wild bird feeds:
Due to COVID-19 and driver shortages some deliveries are taking longer than expected
Due to COVID-19 and driver shortages some deliveries are taking longer than expected