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Caged Bird

Available at discounted prices, our high-quality bird food and accessories won't break the bank. Whether you keep parrots, budgies, cockatiels or parakeets, we have plenty of tasty treats to choose from.

Johnson's range of fruity sticks, bells and bars are popular with all types of birds, with some of the treats doubling up as toys that can be hung in the cage too.

We’ve got bird seed and vitamin drops for caged birds to help keep them in good health; millet; cuttlefish to keep their beak in shape; and Mineralised Tonic Grit, containing important minerals that safeguard seed-eating birds against mineral deficiency.

Feed your birds from our classic hook-on coop cups to avoid spillage of food and water; keep cages clean and bacteria-free with special bird-safe disinfectant; and use avian-quality sandpaper sheets on the floor to keep their nails trimmed.