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Bird food provides nutrition for both wild and caged birds. For wild birds, choose from black sunflower seeds, dried mealworms, Economix pigeon corn, Fenland Waterfowl Pellets, hemp seed, Johnson’s Mealworm Suet Feast, Johnson’s Seed and Berry Suet Feast and more – products come in various sizes, with prices to suit all budgets.

Whether you have budgies, parrots, cockatiels or parakeets, we supply the perfect feed for caged birds. Johnson’s range of treats, such as fruity sticks, bars and bells, are popular with all types of caged bird. Some of the treats can double up as toys to hang in their cage too.

We also sell bird seed, vitamin drops to keep your bird in good health, cuttlefish to keep their beak in shape, tasty millet and Mineralised Tonic Grit, full of minerals to safeguard seed-eating birds against mineral deficiencies.