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Beta Puppy Large Breed Complete - Turkey & Rice 14kg

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Beta Puppy Large Breed Complete - Turkey & Rice 14kg

Beta Puppy large breed complete turkey & rice 14kg.

100% complete food for puppies from weaning to adulthood.

Your best friend is still growing, and if he or she is a large breed you will probably have already discovered that he or she has a large appetite to match! If your puppy is likely to weigh over 25kg as an adult (common in breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds and Huskies, for example) then you should ensure to feed him or her with a specially formulated food for large dog breeds.

Beta Puppy Large Complete is packed with everything your puppy needs

It's important that large breeds of dog are given the correct balance of nutrients so that they gain the correct amount of weight. If they don't get the right vitamins, minerals and protein that they need, they will be hungry and may become overweight through consuming too many 'empty calories'. Conversely, if they consume too little then they will not achieve their optimum weight and muscle capacity, and may miss out on vital nutrition essential to good health.

Large breeds need strong bones and healthy muscles and joints, and a balanced whole food such as Beta Puppy Large Breed will help these to develop.

Beta Puppy Large Breed Complete Food with turkey and rice by Purina is designed to offer complete nutrition for your puppy, from when he or she is weaned off milk to adulthood. Once your puppy becomes an adult, you can move onto Beta Adult Large Breed Complete.

This food has been carefully formulated to provide healthy rice and wholegrain cereals (which give your puppy a feeling of being full and promote growth) and also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C, both of which help your puppy to fight off ill health by helping to maintain his or her immune system. The turkey provides a rich source of protein to give your puppy energy and aid growth and development.

Further, Beta Puppy Large Breed Complete food contains chicory (a prebiotic), which encourages the growth of 'friendly bacteria' in the gut, reducing incidences of poorly tummies. The added oils, fats and vegetable protein extracts will also give your puppy a glossy, healthy-looking coat.

Finally, just as the ingredients support the body's growth and development, the crunchy biscuits promote good oral hygiene and health, too - vital in these early puppy days. The kibble biscuits are smaller than the adult biscuits to suit your puppy's smaller mouth.