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Beta Adult Large Breed Complete 14kg

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Beta Adult Large Breed Complete 14kg

Beta Adult large breed complete turkey 14kg

100% complete food for adult dogs of large breeds.

Beta is a 100% complete food for adult dogs of large breeds. With natural protein sourced from turkey, and carefully balanced whole grain cereals, rice and beneficial prebiotics to promote ideal body function.

Tailored for dogs up to 25 kg at adult weight, Beta is a perfect balance of fats, proteins and vegetables for your large breed dog. The mix of tasty turkey and omega 3 rich fish oils keeps your dog's joints healthy and supple for maximum mobility. This balance of fats and proteins, combined with the cereals and vegetables, works in harmony to keep your dog a healthy weight, lean, and with good muscle tone.

Beta Adult Large Breed complete provides everything a growing dog needs

This formula also contains dried chicory root, a wonderful source of prebiotics, proven to help increase the levels of good and beneficial bacteria in your dog's gut, which supports digestive and immune health. Chicory protects the liver, is effective against intestinal worms and is known for its toxicity to internal parasites. After 30 days of feeding with Beta, the good bacteria needed for optimum digestive health (bifidobacteria) may have increased by 100 times.

This complete Beta recipe provides an omega 6 fatty acid and zinc complex that is essential for promoting good skin health and hair growth. Omega 6 is converted into gamma linolenic acid, or GLA, inside your dog's body, which in turn is absorbed into the skin cells, and helps to repair and maintain the skin's natural barriers, keeping the skin strong and supple. Omega 6 fatty acids and GLA are also vital for supporting hair growth, leaving your dog with a thick and shiny coat.

Zinc is linked to skin repair and healthy growth of new cells, and together with omega 6, works to help reduce bone loss and increase bone density.

It is important to provide the optimum nutritional balance of proteins, minerals and vegetables that your dog needs, as well as a food that your dog enjoys. This Beta formula for large breed dogs is both nutritious and delicious, perfectly providing all that your dog needs for a life full of health and vitality.